At Hilton Herbs we pride ourselves on being 'animal' people as most of us have a pet of some description!  This makes it easy for us to identify, emphasise and advise the customers who phone our Helpline.  We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our four-legged friends so we give you "The Eight Dogs of Christmas".

The third dog of Christmas is Jazz who belongs to Heather Giles who is PR & Marketing Manager at Hilton Herbs.

 My name is Jazz and I’m a 12 year old retired Greyhound and I live with my owners, Heather and David in Dorset.  Heather is PR & Marketing Manager at Hilton Herbs and I’m very lucky to be able to go to work with her every day and have a comfy bed in her office!

I was born in Ireland and bred for something called ‘coursing’ but really I couldn’t be bothered with it all.  I was sold to a lady in Wales who thought she could motivate me, but I still couldn’t be bothered with it all, so I was sent to Retired Greyhounds West of England, where my owners found me.  I used to have lots of energy and liked to run around like a mad thing, but nowadays I mostly like to sleep and eat.  I do love going on holiday with my owners and going for walks on the beach because I love water!