At Hilton Herbs we pride ourselves on being 'animal' people as most of us have a pet of some description!  This makes it easy for us to identify, emphasise and advise the customers who phone our Helpline.  We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our four-legged friends so we give you "The Eight Dogs of Christmas".

Here is Bobbi who is our fourth Dog of Christmas....

Bobbi belongs to Marie Thomas who is a Production Operative for Hilton Herbs so she is part of the team responsible for getting the product on the shelves so our customers have something to order!

Bobbi is an ex-racing Greyhound originally from Ireland then Poole in Dorset! He's five years old he and loves his food & cuddles with the kids but most of all he loves his nice warm soft bed!  He can be a little shy with strangers at first but he's fine when after a short while & he is very friendly!