Your privacy is key and the personal information you enter on the payment Merchant Link Pages such as credit card, name, phone number, email and mailing address, are protected by InternetSecure.  When you place an order on our website our payment system will automatically connect you to the appropriate InternetSecure website (PayPal, Worldpay).  Having entered your credit card details the information will then be processed by your bank via a connection that is automatically encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer.

We would like to confirm that this facility has no connection with the Hilton Herbs website, and that all information is passed in an encrypted format to the banks secure collection service. Once the payment transaction is complete you will be returned to our website, where we will provide you with an order number and receipt. We also send you a email when the order is despatched.

Please note when you leave the WorldPay payment system you may see a pop up saying that you are going to a unsecure  page, don't worry, this is perfectly normal and you are just being transferred from the WorldPay site back to our site.


All orders will be sent out from our US warehouse in IA and delivery will be by UPS ground or by road pallet service.  Please quote your order number if you need to contact us or have any questions or feedback.  Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact our Wholesale sales associate Toll-free 1 855 261 1289 (6am - 12 midday EST) or email 


We appreciate that on occasions there will be breakages, shortages and non-delivery (whole or part). These must be reported to our trade sales department within 2 days of delivery/invoice date. Damaged goods must be retained and photographs should be emailed to us for review pending disposal instructions from us.